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We provide event management, event planning and event design consultancy services and marketing. We deliver solutions about all kind of events like Gala Dinners, Award Ceremonies, Workshops, Conferences, Meetings, Birthdays, Ceremonies, Competitions, Businnes Trips, Socical Responsibilities Events, Networking Events, Press Events, Product Launches, Bespoke events, Christmas and Summer Parties, Virtual Meetings and whatever you dream of...

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Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art, end-to-end event management, planning and design to our customers with an innovative understanding of service providing, maximizing the satisfaction.

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DipDip Events is to become a frontrunner in event management industry with a wide range of customer portfolio, following the changing conditions and trends in the sector and abiding by the principles of trustworthiness and high-quality.


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DipDip Events has been founded by Evren Altin in July 2019. The sole trader business is providing event management (planning and design), organization services, consultancy and marketing services to families, individuals and corporate customers. As Dipdip Trade we regard each client as an expectation, offering range marketing and business management s solutions tailored to the bespoke needs of our clients. Ms Evren Altin has over ten years of professional experience, primarily in the field of event management, conference and training organization, event design and congress organization. Her academic career prepared her for the work she has been doing for the last ten years. Ms Evren Altin’s event management, planning, design and organization consultancy business to be incorporated in the UK as a sole trader business. We aim to organise creative, economic and high quality events by combining our experience and knowledge with the increasing demand in good value event organisations in London and Turkey.

Conceptual Design

We communicate closely with clients around the specifications, needs and requirements of guests. Accordingly, we carry out a feasibility study in order to predict the outcome of the proposed conceptual design and planning. Feasibility study of events involve the following activities:
  • Identifying and analysing the target audience and considering best suited activities attracting them
  • Identifying and analysing the factors impacting event organization such as venue availability, food and hygiene licenses of catering services, availability of required equipment
  • Identifying and analysing the financial factors affecting the event feasibility such as cost of the venues, sponsoring revenues etc. Based on target audience and client budget, we offer the following activities and attractions with the support of varying suppliers:
    • Music (live / DJ/ background)
    • Audio/ video equipment for presentations
    • Entertainers/ performers
    • Exhibitor / product displays
    • Food and drink
    • Games/ competitions

Event Planning

As part of event planning services, DipDip Trade offers a variety of planning support for clients. This is involving;
  • Finding the venues best suited to client’s budget and needs
  • Finding the best catering services with required health and hygiene licenses
  • Safety and security check
  • Contracting the suppliers
  • Program and agenda planning
  • Registration and invitations
  • Speaker and content management
  • Finding sponsors for the event
  • Site plan
  • Stage management
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Finding sponsors for the events

Support Services

We provide commission-based agency services for participants of international organizations taking place in London and Turkey where the participants will need accommodation, transportation, concierge services, visa application and flight-train ticket services. We mediate between the participants and third-party businesses providing for these services. On the other hand, Dipdip Trade offers their client the opportunity of having their own event expert work alongside them. Our event management consultancy service allows clients to design, plan and deliver their own outstanding events – with the help and guidance of an experienced event manager. And we work with clients to create and implement marketing strategies. Dipdip Trade help to create a detailed marketing plan, determine a business's marketing message, and identify the appropriate marketing mix to get the message out to the target market.


Work Process

Organise creative, economic and high quality events by combining our experience and knowledge in event organisations for London and Turkey.

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